"When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience."
Club Rules

The club only works if we are all likeminded and working toward our goals of building friendships, learning quality poker skills and enjoying the fellowship of shared memories. To this end, the club needs members that are interested and active.

Club Requirements:

1. All members MUST attend half of the monthly events (6) per year. Special dispensation may be requested based on individual circumstances.

2. All members MUST respond to the monthly “Evite”

*This is the MOST basic requirement! Read the email and respond (YES) or (NO) so we can prepare the poker room, set up tournament tables, chips, cards and know how much food to buy for everyone. If you cannot perform this basic task, you are in the wrong club. Please resign your membership.

The $10 in dues, go to provide food and cover expenses the club incurs. A full accounting of this money is always available.

The following is the pay-out based on how many players we have:
0-18 Players 1st Place 50% of purse 2nd Place 30% of purse 3rd Place 20% of purse
19-27 Players 1st Pl 45% of purse 2nd Pl 30% of purse 3rd Pl 15% purse 4th Pl 10% of purse

Please clean up after yourself.

We have limited seating and responding to the email is critical.

If you bring a guest you are responsible for them and to introduce them to the club members.

3. Lastly, this is a club and not a business! PARTICIPATION is MANDATORY and this doesn’t mean just show up and play. There is a tremendous amount of work and dedication that goes into making this club work. EVERY member is expected to do his or her part.

Examples of things members can do to fulfill their participation requirement include but are not limited to some of these things:
- Provide a place for the game to be held
- Donate something to the club (old fridge, lights, chairs, whatever you have that you don’t need any more saying the club from buying things with the dues that we need so we can spend our money in better ways.)
- Shop for need supplies, buy them and Loan the club money until dues come in to pay you back (This requires prior Ex-Board Approval and a club vote depending on what it is we are buying.)
- Run the monthly event
- Show up early and set up
- Clean up after the cash game
- Bring a potluck dish to the game
- Show up on a construction day
- Show up on a cleaning day
- Run the evite list
- Club Photographer
- Run the Club Facebook and Myspace Pages
- Do The Club Website
- Almost anything you can think of that helps the club and strengthens the bond of friendship and unity we have as PSC members. Do your part you will be glad you did.

Don’t want to do any of these things? Go to Blackhawk.

*The finalized “Evite” will be printed out event night and that list will be the check-in sheet. Members not on that “Evite” list WILL NOT PLAY that night.

**An executive board member must sponsor anyone who has lost membership and wishes to rejoin.


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