"When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience."
Gone But Not Forgotten

"Pops" Jackson

1944 - 2006.

From A Son About His Dad
Here is some more info on my remarkable Father:

He was born in Richmond CA.

Began playing poker at an early age @ 6 sitting on his Aunt Sadie's lap. Who is still alive today.

He never really saw 2 cards he didn't want to see the flop with.

He is survived by Wife Dorothy, Sons Steve and Scott, Grandchildren Matthew, Paul, Jeremiah,
Benjamin, Monique and Eric . Daughter Inlaw Babette (Steve), Almost close as a daughter Deanna
and her husband Bruce and their daughters Megan and Madison.All in the Denver area.
Siblings Sandy Anderson and Carl Hollingsworth.

His occupation for over 25 years was in printing (Pressman).

He enjoyed get togethers with family and friends, Fishing, camping, Golfing, Football
(Raiders Fanatic), Bingo, Country music, Favorite Song The Gambler.

Most of all he enjoyed playing poker. The last year and a half or so since he had been coming to
the poker school club gave him great joy. Even when he was down and out during the days after
his chemo/radiation treatments he always mustered up enough strenghth for the second Friday
of the month games at Bruce and Deanna's and the third Friday of the month Poker School games;
always staying until the wee hours of the mornings at both.

I believe his going to the poker club was one of the best things that ever happened for him.

Some Of His Favorite Sayings:

(I love you more than you'll ever know.
Baby its cold outside.
Hun (To my Mom since on their first date he forgot her name).
Theres always next year. ( in reference to the Raiders).
We See.
I'll let you get me....... .
If you need me just yell.
My Dad always told me.... .
Dorothy there's just this one machine I want to play.
Bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.)

He always wanted to see Hawaii and accomplished this goal on Dec. 4 thru Dec. 20 on a cruise with 20 family members. On this trip he went deep sea fishing, saw the Arizona Memorial, Celebrated with his eldest grandchild Matthew turning 21, Celebrated with Steve and Babette their 22nd wedding Anniversary. Played Hold-Em every night.

My Dad always stood for something and didn't fall for anything and you always knew which side he'd be on. He was a great husband, father and friend and will sorely be missed by all.

Steve (His Son)

Every spring we have an annual fund raising Hold-Em tournament to raise a gift in Pop's name for the American Lung Association.

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